Halo, my name Gede Ngurah Aditya Subawa, usually called Aditya. I’m a Founder, CEO & PHP programmer of Nawadwipa. My other role spans leading teams, managing others and web development itself. i ❤ Codeigniter and Currently developing a Multilanguage CMS called SubaCMS now Nawa CMS.

While I work mostly with UI, I also enjoy getting involved in frontend design, back-end development and improving project workflows. I started a website since 2009 starting from adityawebs.com and adityasubawa.com since 2012, bloggerbelog.com in 2013, balimechanicweb.net (2011) and balimechanicmedia.co.id from 2013. Now, i'm also develop tour & traveling portal easyindonesia.co.id and underground music media balibawahtanah.com.

I also like music, 100% Punk Rock & Heavy Metal. When I'm not writing code I can probably be found playing bass or guitar. I have a "semi-serious" band called Indonesian Flag & The Little Rock already have a long history in the Bali Underground scene.


You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Github and Instagram.