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The blog opens up the widest opportunity for all groups to become guest writers (Guest Post) on this website. However, in order to maintain the credibility of the website, there are several requirements that must be met as a guest post or content placement collaboration.

Terms and Conditions

  • Do not accept and reject content that contains racist and religion, gambling, pornography, or fraud under the guise of games and other similar things.
  • Receive content in the niche of web building, web developer, web design, SEO tips and hosting.
  • Only accept content in the form of finished articles or ready to use/ready to post.
  • Articles in English.

If the content doesn't exist yet or you have difficulty creating product content, we recommend that you use the services of a writer.

Content Placement Costs and Prices

  • To meet the resource needs of a website, of course, it requires a lot of money.
  • But don't worry, the cost of guest post content on this site is very affordable.

One Price For All

To maintain mutual comfort, details regarding prices can be sent by email at or

With the prices we offer, the benefits you will get are as follows.

  • Just pay once, and the article content will continue to exist as long as this site is active.
  • Apart from the post list, guest post content will appear on the Featured widget for 1 month from publication.
  • Maximum 1 article contains 2 links
  • Dofollow backlinks

In point number 2, the advantage of content that goes into the Featured widget is that this Featured widget appears on the home page on this website.

So the content you post here will also have greater potential to be seen by web visitors.

Guest post content will appear in the Featured Post widget for 1 month, for example as below:

Guest Post